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Software patents

I was reading in opensource.com one of these typical annual compilations in these days, this time regarding patents. Some of the most relevants events regarding software patents for open source were:

In October 2007, patent troll IP Innovation LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Acacia Research Group) filed suit against Red Hat and Novell for infringement of three software patents. In May 2010 a verdict was delivered in favor of Red Hat and Novell. The jury determined that the patents were invalid and not infringed.

This year New Zealand reject software patents. New Zealand government acknowledged the growing importance of open source, and the logical reasons for excluding software from the list of patentable inventions.

We hope to have more good news for FOSS in 2011.


Creative Commons Public Domain Tool – Public Domain Mark 1.0

Creative Commons announces the release of the Public Domain Mark, a tool that enables works free of known copyright restrictions to be labeled in a way that clearly communicates that status to the public, and allows the works to be easily discovered over the Internet.

Public Domain Mark 1.0 for marking works already free of copyright complements the other Creative Commons Public Domain Tool, Public Domain Dedication CC0 1.0 Universal, which enables authors to relinquish their rights prior to the expiration of copyright.