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Visualizing Friendships with R

Few weeks ago we saw an image made by Paul Butler (an intern on Facebook’s data infrastructure engineering team) showing the volume of friendships between particular parts of the world. He was interested in seeing how geography and political borders affected where people lived relative to their friends. He wanted a visualization that would show which cities had a lot of friendships between them.

It had a lot of media coverage and the creator received a lot of comments many asking for more details on how he had created it. Later that week Paul wrote a post explaining that the graph was made entirely with about 150 lines of GNU R code with no external dependencies.

The truth is that the image is impressive and a testament to the scope of this open-source statistics tool that we saw in one of the first sessions of Case Estudies I.


Test Pilot Program Reaches One Million Active Users

Test Pilot program reaches more than one million Firefox active users.

Test Pilot is an opt-in program that every firefox’s user can join to improve their experience by conducting or participating in usability related tests. The user only needs to install Test Pilot add-on, and he will receive the notice for upcoming tests. At the end of these experiments, the user can choose whether or not to submit his test data.

Few weeks ago Mozilla announced that Test Pilot program has reached more than one million users. This increase came after the add-on was included in Firefox beta 4 by default but shows that Firefox users want to get involved with Mozilla. This program allowed users to have a more active role in the community and share their ideas, likes and dislikes directly with developers.

It also is important to mention that all Test Pilot studies, resulting insights and aggregated data are shared under Creative Commons licenses for the benefit of the Open Source community.