I like very much mySQL. I have enjoyed using it intensively during the mswl classes and exercises. This way I have improved a lot my mySQL abilities the last year since Santiago Dueñas, from GSyC/LibreSoft, offered us a good introducton talk and I would be very happy if can choice mySQL when I need to set up a DB engine for some upcoming projects

I like it because:

  • it’s fast, even with huge amounts of data
  • it’s very robust and reliable
  • it’s easy to deploy and use
  • it’s multiplatform
  • it has connection API’s in almost all known languages
  • it’s very secure

And, of course, it’s Open Source (GNU GPL License). But, what is the mySQL status right now after the Sun adcquisition by Oracle? Is there an Open Source future for my favourite DB?

A little bit of history: on April, 2099 Oracle Corporation, the US big enterprise propietary software and DB systems, bought Sun Microsystems; as Sun Microsystems had bought MYSQL AB on January, 2008 they were also purchasing the whole mySQL platform. This way, a propietary solutions only corporation became owner of one of the most important Open Source projects.

There was a lot of buzz those days and lot of people (and, of course, mySQL main creators) alarmed, as it seemed that mySQL could be discontinued or closed. But Oracle, in order to get European Commision approval of the Sun acquisition, accepted to keep mySQL alive and Open Source (with the existing dual commerce and GPL license versions) “…until the fifth anniversary of the closing of the transaction“

How is the situation right now? How is Oracle dealing with mySQL? We got some answers in the last O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo on May, 2011 and it seems that mySQL is still strong and alive. Oracle announced in the Conference that they have made big advances in the upcoming mySQL 6.0 line that they started in December, 2010 with mySQL 5.5, introducing the mySQL 5.6 Development Milestones Release. This new version includes nice improvements regarding performance and scalability.

So, it apparently seems that Oracle is doing a great work with mySQL, improving and expanding the platform. The mySQL Community have received with joy this new release and features. Even the formerly CEO of MYSQL AB, Marten Mickos, has stated that mySQL “in better shape than ever under Oracle”.

But, what about the future? Will Oracle giving strong support after 2015, when its agreement with EU Commission is ended?


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