Qbo Robot

In the last session of the class of ‘Case Studies II’ came Francisco Javier Paz from “The Corpora” to introduce a very interesting project called Qbo Robot.

The relationship between the Qbo Robot and free software is very important because otherwise it would not have been possible to implement it because the costs would have been very high. It was intended to reach everyone with this robot so its final price was something critical.

Qbo Robot is a robot that uses Linux as operating system (they are now considering the possibility of using Android) and other free software components like ‘Arduino‘ or ‘OpenCV‘ for example. Some of the features of this robot are: stereoscopic vision, speech recognition system which is based on Julius (an open source Large Vocabulary Continous Speech Recognition software), Qbo API’s and web control panel, wifi and Bluetooth connections…

The main objective of “The Corpora” is to create a large knowledge database and a community that along with “The Corpora” can monetize Qbo Robot developing their own applications wich can be very interesting: take care of the elderly or children, home automation, security…


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