Last thursday we had the last session for the course Case Studies II, the last of the talks was about ASOLIF, the federation of Spanish free software SME companies associations, formed by 9 regional associations with almost 200 small and medium size free software companies which together employ about 200,000 people.

The person who came to give the talk was Pablo Gómez, president of ASOLIF, he gave us an overview of what is ASOLIF and which are their main objectives. ASOLIF aims to expand the use and development of free software in Spain for business purposes, increase the interactions between our free software companies by promoting collaborations through projects and give the services that ASOLIF companies need.

He was asked about the business model adopted by the most of their companies, he answered that many of their companies were devoted to software integration, software development or consultancy but almost always these companies had a strong interaction with the free software communities. As an example, ASOLIF and the Canary Island regional association (ESLIC) were one of the organizers of the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, that hosted in 2009 the Akademy (KDE ) and GUADEC (Gnome) conferences. Both Carlos Garcia (Gnome) as Aleix Pol (KDE) told us about the importance for both communities of this event when they came to talk about their projects.

I think ASOLIF is doing very important work for small and medium enterprises dedicated to free software, with really interesting projects such as ALIAL, a project that aims to encourage development of free applications with collaborative methodologies for local public administrations.


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