Gnome Shell

Last week we had a talk about GNOME project with Carlos García Campos, he was also our teacher for the course ‘Development and Tools’ where we had a specific session about GNOME where we learned how to develop a GTK+ application.

He told us about the history of the project, when Miguel de Icaza and Federico Mena decided to start the GNOME project, a desktop environment part of the GNU Project, because although KDE was free and opensource, it used Qt widget toolkit, owned by a company called TrollTech and released under a non-free license.

We could also see what is the future of the project and Carlos showed us Gnome-Shell running on his computer, they have created a completely new desktop designed to be more intuitive and easy for accessing applications. It looked good so I decided to try it in Ubuntu 10.10, you can install it from the repository with ‘sudo apt-get install gnome-shell’ or built it following the steps described in website:

curl -O
sudo chmod a+x
sudo rm -rf /usr/lib*/*.la
jhbuild build
cd ~/gnome-shell/source/gnome-shell/src
./gnome-shell --replace

And this is the result…

What do you think? I am going to try it for a while and see if I get used to it because I like it!


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