Mozilla: Open Web and Open Video

Last thursday we began the series of talks scheduled for the course Case Studies II, the first talk was about Mozilla project and Guillermo López from Mozilla Hispano came to talk about it. It was an interesting talk where he gave an overview of the history and prehistory of the project, its goals, its community and its future.

One of the things that I would like to highlight about what he told us is that Mozilla’s main goal is to ensure that the Internet is developed in a way that benefits everyone although they are better known for creating the Mozilla Firefox web browser. He talked about the Mozilla Manifesto, some principles that are critical for the Internet to continue to be a global public resource that must remain open and accessible and should enrich the lives of individual human beings.

Guillermo also talked about the controversy that had as to what codec should be used in the HTML5 standard. Remaining consistent with its Manifesto, Mozilla has supported Ogg Theora project and Google’s VP8 and WebM for the HTML5 video standar better than H.264 (Apple’s video codec that contains patented technology). VP8 is released under a free license and provides even better bandwidth efficiency than H.264. The future on this regard is not decided yet but Mozilla is working (as they have been doing the last few years) for an Open Web with Open Video.

Chrome web browser last week announced that they were going to remove the support for the codec H.264 because their goal is to enable open innovation.


The Mozilla Blog:


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